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​  "A charity which evangelizes the commitment and the responsibility of everyone."

                                                                                                         - St. John Paul II

​​University Council, #1687, is in its 103rd year as an organization.  We are a small part of a much bigger organization that professes four basic principles: Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.   We meet on the first and third Tuesdays of every month in the Holy Name Room at St. Ignatius Church.  We represent St. Ignatius, St. Margaret Mary, St. Hilary, St. Jerome, St. Henry, St. Timothy and St. Gertrude Parishes. ​​

At the meetings, we discuss business and calendar events where we try to engage the public in a fun and social way.  An example of the services we provide to parishes under our purview:  ushers, advisors, parish council members, committeemen, choir members, lecturers and Eucharistic ministers.  We also support SPRED, Miserecordia, and Special Olympics.  On our Current Events Page, you will find our calendar and other programs that may be familiar to you.  Please explore the site and if you have questions, please contact our Grand Knight, Steve Imparl, by clicking the WGK email address on the "contact us" page

Our current officers are elected on an annual basis, and shortly thereafter, the directors are given their assignments for the year by the Grand Knight.  The Grand Knight is the leader of the council and his position is similar to that of a president.  Our Council is the local level.  We have the State Council above us, and then the Supreme Council above them.  We also have an affiliation with the 4th Degree Assembly, Bishop Hillinger​.

20​16 Officers

Council Chaplin
​Rev. Joe Jackson
​​District Deputy
​Alex Tennant
​Worthy Grand Knight​
​Steve Imparl
​Worthy Deputy Grand Knight
​Michael Mooney
​Worthy Chancellor/Membership Director
​Jeremy Grayewski
​Worthy Recorder

​​​​Brent Barker
​Worthy Warden
​Pat Kenny
Worthy Treasurer
​Jim Pazik
Worthy Advocate​​​Michael Hogan
​Financial Secretary
​​John Price
​Inside Guard
​Patrick Nwanah
​Outside Guard
​Crescent Nwogbu

​One-year: Ken Merle
Two-year: Tony Ibeaha
Three-year: Dennis McCarthy